What Does McClellan Exteriors Do?

Minneapolis Stucco

McClellan Exteriors is a local stucco contractor that works with all types of stucco and plaster repairs for homeowners and small businesses in the Twin Cities. No project is too small or to big for our crew and we have lots of testimonials from happy customers. If you would like to schedule an appointment for stucco repairs or any of the following below contact us today at 612-875-7793 for a free estimate.

  • Stucco Repairs
  • Stucco Cracks
  • New Construction Stucco
  • Stucco Color Matching
  • Stucco Patching
  • Stucco Redash
  • Restucco

About Us

McClellan Exteriors has been been a family owned business for over 30 years working with stucco and plaster repairs in the Twin Cities.  Bill and Kristy McClellan are proud of the business they have built helping customers with there stucco and plaster projects. If you’re looking for the experts in plaster and stucco repairs and installation in Minneapolis and St. Paul, look no further than McClellan exteriors. We have built a reputation with homeowners and contractors alike for superior craftsmanship and affordable prices around the Twin Cities.

What is Redash or Restucco?

Redash Stucco and ReStucco is the process of putting a new layer of stucco on your home or building. The advantage to a restucco or stucco redash is that the preparation and repair work is sealed under a color coat that allows for a more solid finished product without the look of a patch job. You are able to change the color or texture with a restucco or redash project for your home or office. If you have more questions on if redash or restucco is right for your next stucco project contact us for more details.