McClellan Exteriors – Stucco Services in Edina, MN

McClellan Exteriors is a trusted stucco contractor located in Edina, MN. We specialize in providing high-quality stucco repair and maintenance services to homeowners in the area. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Stucco Repair

If your stucco is damaged or deteriorating, our stucco repair service can help. We have the expertise to fix any cracks, holes, or other issues with your stucco. Our goal is to restore the integrity and appearance of your stucco, ensuring it lasts for years to come.

Stucco Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your stucco in optimal condition. Our stucco maintenance service includes inspections, cleaning, and minor repairs. By addressing any issues early on, we can prevent further damage and prolong the life of your stucco.

Stucco Crack Repairs

If you have noticed cracks in your stucco, it's important to address them promptly. Our stucco crack repair service involves assessing the extent of the damage and applying the appropriate repair techniques. We ensure that the repaired area blends seamlessly with the rest of your stucco.

Stucco Color Matching

Matching the color of your new stucco to the existing one is crucial for a seamless appearance. Our stucco color matching service ensures that any repairs or new installations blend perfectly with your current stucco. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to achieve accurate color matching.

Stucco Texture Matching

If you're looking to maintain a consistent texture across your stucco surfaces, our texture matching service can help. We have extensive experience in replicating various stucco textures, ensuring a uniform look throughout your property.

Stucco Patching and Repair

Whether you have small patches or larger areas in need of repair, our stucco patching service has got you covered. We use durable materials and expert techniques to seamlessly patch any damaged areas, restoring the integrity of your stucco.

Re-Stucco and Repair

If your entire stucco system needs replacement or repair, our re-stucco service is the solution. We carefully remove the old stucco, address any underlying issues, and apply a new stucco layer that meets your specifications. Our goal is to provide you with a fresh and durable stucco finish.

Stucco Redashing

If your stucco has lost its original texture or has become discolored over time, our redashing service can rejuvenate its appearance. We apply a new layer of stucco with the desired texture and color, giving your property a refreshed and updated look.

New Construction Stucco

For new construction projects in need of stucco installation, our team can handle the job. We have extensive experience in working with builders and homeowners to provide high-quality stucco solutions that meet their specific requirements. Our new construction stucco service ensures a flawless finish for your project.

For any of your stucco needs in Edina, MN, trust McClellan Exteriors. Contact us at (612) 875-7793 or visit our website for more information about our services.