Stucco Redash Twin Cities

The reason many property owners in Twin Cities, MN paint their stucco siding is because the typical cost of re-dashing is more than painting over the existing stucco. The costs initially are of lower cost but, the longer term costs are much higher. Many Twin Cities, MN homeowners do not understand that your stucco has to breath and as soon as you paint the plaster or stucco the pores of the stucco will be sealed and any moisture that is in the stucco will be trapped without having the capability to dry out. With time the moisture content will make the paint fail with peeling and cracking on their home in Twin Cities

Which is why at McClellan Exteriors we inform customers in Twin Cities, MN don't to paint the stucco in order to fix the stucco. After it has been painted will involve sand blasting of the stucco wall surfaces to get rid of the paint to fix the walls correctly. Re-dash of stucco is made up adding a layer of stucco to the existing wall to cover and refresh the aged stucco surface area in Twin Cities MN. Repairs are made to cracks and minor problems in the surface and then the new layer is applied. This will provide a new look and maintain with the integrity of the existing stucco. If you have questions on redash for your Twin Cities, MN house get in touch with the experts in stucco re-dashing at McClellan Exteriors for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.

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